Waiting In Line
By Michael A. Verdicchio

Do you get frustrated waiting in slow moving lines? It is pretty hard to avoid waiting in lines these days. Here's a solution to keep you from getting stressed out while you wait in line.

Recently I was at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, standing in the security check in line. The line was not moving very fast. For a few moments I just watched and observed how people were reacting to waiting in that line.

Of course, there were those who looked disgusted. A few gave out a long audible sigh of disgust as they rolled their eyes about every 20 or 30 seconds. Others checked their watches about every thirty seconds. And of course, some verbally complained about how long the line was, how slow it was moving and how mismanaged the whole process was.

Standing in that long, slow moving line that morning I was grateful. Yes, grateful.

First, I was grateful to God that I was alive. I was thankful I was healthy enough to take a plane ride. I was grateful for the freedom we have to move about in our great country. I was thankful I had the money to pay for the flight. I was also glad that I had the time to travel, and I was anticipating seeing my loved ones at the end of the flight.

Now here's what's really interesting. As I thought about those things, that long slow line didn't really much matter to me. Because of what I chose to think about, I didn't allow that long slow line to dictate my attitude. As a Christian your thoughts do affect your attitude.

Now of course I would have preferred a shorter, quicker line. Who wouldn't? But the fact is, it was a long slow line. So I had a choice. I could focus on how long the line is, why it is so long and who's fault it was that the line wasn't moving. Or, I could choose to not think about those things, but instead, think and reflect on things that are much more important.

These days, pretty much everywhere you go, (the bank, the grocery store, and the post office) you end up in line. It's almost impossible to avoid lines, but it is possible not to allow those lines to frustrate you while you wait.

Standing in line is really a good opportunity to reflect on the things that you are grateful to God for; including the things related to your current situation. If you are in line at the grocery store, then be thankful for the abundance of food that we have available to us. Be grateful that getting food is so easy and accessible. Be thankful that you have money to buy food. Be grateful for the nourishment that you and your family will get when they eat it. Look at the food in your cart and ask God above to bless it.

We all choose what we want to think. Your emotions will follow your thoughts. So, when it comes to waiting in a long slow moving line, it's your decision. You can wait impatiently and be frustrated and grouchy. And then by the time you're finally through that line you're going to be in a bad mood. Why? Did the line put you in a bad mood? No. You allowed what you chose to think about in that line to affect you.

So the next time you're in line, waiting for your turn, try this: Reflect on things that you are grateful for. As a Christian, a great key to success in life is developing thankfulness. We all have so much to be thankful for. And when you really think about it, a line long enough for us to think and reflect on all the things that we could thank God for doesn't exist, does it?

Try spending time being grateful as you wait in line. You will be amazed at how it will affect your attitude.

Hope to see you smiling in line sometime!