Change The Picture
By Michael A. Verdicchio

Very few Christian salespeople realize that the clear picture that they carry of themselves in their own mind is a real and true image of who they really are. I'm not talking about what you say to other people when you tell them how great things are going. I'm not talking about making a casual positive statement about yourself and your life. I'm talking about the true picture that you have of yourself.

You may take time every morning to read the Bible and pray.

You may also have positive affirmations that you repeat to yourself on a regular basis. Those may indeed be a very helpful method in effecting change in your life. But, simply writing down your desires, vision and goals and reviewing them or repeating them will not automatically make it happen.

It is critical to discover how you truly see yourself, deep down inside. The picture you see when you are being truly honest with yourself is who you really are.

For example, you might tell everyone that you are a great salesperson, and that your results this month are astounding. You may have even written positive statements or affirmations that say just that. You might read them every morning and every evening.

So, deep down inside, do you see a salesperson that is already astounding to the world? If not, you are not there. Not yet anyway.

It is so important to understand that who you believe you are, down deep inside, is actually who you are. The picture you carry of yourself will most certainly be evidenced in your thoughts, in your words, and, in your actions because it is a core belief. It is a belief that you hold in your heart, and it didn't happen overnight.

That does not mean that things can't change in your life; they absolutely can! But, this core belief has emotion and experience tied to it, and that cannot be changed by simply saying the opposite.

Who we really believe that we are deep down inside is who we are today. And that's why the picture you carry of yourself is so critical! If you are going to see real change, and be a successful Christian salesperson, then you need to change how you see yourself. This is the vital first step.

Whether you call it affirmations, or positive statements, or winning declarations, or whatever, there are some very helpful methods that you can use. But, the point is, if you want to see your life change, then the picture of you has to change. There is no other way around it. You not only have to tell yourself who you desire to be, but you have to see it and feel it.

Let me explain.

When you get honest and look at how you truly see yourself, right now, it will evoke certain emotions. Those emotions are what gives that picture life.

So, along with the new picture of yourself that you desire, be sure to add some vibrant details to the picture that will evoke emotion. An accomplished violinist once told me the picture that she used. It went something like this:

"A deep red-brown finish on a Guarnari violin, fitted with an ebony fingerboard and rosewood fittings and a mach-one maple shoulder rest. The name says prosperity, which makes me feel elated. The color says romantic and intense, and makes me feel like I am already playing a passionate piece. The fittings are custom, and it evokes pride and glee because I can have exactly what I want without reservation. The shoulder rest reminds me how comfortable it will be to play and evokes peacefulness."

Wow! Now that's a picture! So, In addition to reviewing your affirmations, or, whatever you choose to call them, take the time to add the detail that will evoke emotion.

And the way that you add emotion to the picture is by asking yourself some questions. "How are you going to feel being a great Christian salesperson, knowing that your results this month are astounding?" "What type of attitude will you have as you sit at your desk?" "How will you sound on the phone?" "Will you have a big smile on your face?" "Will it make you feel more confident?" "How is it really going to feel?"

Get the picture? Yes, it really is all about the picture! Add as much detail and emotion as you can to the picture of yourself that you desire. And, remember, don't allow any negative thoughts to negate what you are painting on the canvas of your mind. Reject those thoughts. Don't accept them. Just keep taking the time to develop the new picture that you really desire and you will get there!

You absolutely can be a successful Christian salesperson!