A Secret Method for Success
By Michael A. Verdicchio

Self employed Christians ought to be successful, very successful. God never made a failure. And with his help, you can be successful.

A successful life is developed and accomplished by building one success upon another. What if a very simple method for success existed? What if this method was easy enough to use every single day in order to build success?

For some self employed Christians, the word "success" sounds just too intimidating. In other words, they see themselves as someone who could never really be successful.

Far too many self employed Christians give up on their dreams because they feel that they are a failure. They just don't see any success in their life. The problem is that they have built failure into their lives. They have actually developed a failure life. They even fail to realize that they have a choice.

Here's a simple method to develop success. It will give you success momentum! It's very easy, anyone can do it, and it works. If you consistently apply it, you can develop and build a successful life.

Pick five things to do tomorrow, and write them down. Here's the secret: make the list very, very easy, but decide and determine that you will do each thing, no matter what. Make this list a priority for the next day. Decide that those five things are the most important things you need to do tomorrow!

For example, if you're trying to eat healthier, one of your five things could be to eat a piece of fruit. The mistake so many self employed Christians make is that they decide to eat healthier and then start out the next day trying to cut out everything that's unhealthy all at once. (That usually lasts only about a day or two.) Then, they are back to eating like they did before and they feel like they have failed again.

It is very important to make sure that you come up with five things that you know you can do. That is the secret to this method!

The next morning, look at your list and simply do the five things. Check them off the list, and, then tell yourself that you did all five, successfully! You may have eaten some junk food, but you did eat a piece of fruit. You were successful! You accomplished exactly what you set out to do.

Now this may seem to be very small and insignificant, but you are trying to build success, not climb an entire mountain in one day.

Now, the next day, you can do the same five things again if you like. Or, you can make one of the five things just a little bit harder. Perhaps decide to eat a piece of fruit, and a salad. Again, write down all 5, and decide that these 5 things are a priority for tomorrow.

As you continue to do this simple exercise, day by day, you will build and develop a pattern for success in your life. You will also develop confidence in attaining things you may have never tried before.

You may get to a point as your list continues to get more challenging, ending up one day doing only four things on the list instead of all five. That doesn't mean that you are a failure. Quite the contrary, you have already been successful day after day after day!

That's why when you first start this method, be sure that you make the five things as easy as possible so that you can have one successful day after another. You will be proving to yourself that you are a successful person.

After you do this for several days, you will find that you are not afraid of failing, and you will have the confidence to add things to your list that you never would have considered before.

The Bible is true for you when it says that you are more than a conqueror. God's desire is for you to be successful in all areas of your life.

You can develop a habit pattern for success. A successful life is developed and accomplished by building one success upon another success. This very simple method can help you to build a successful life.

You can be a very successful self employed Christian!