Do You Need A Change?
By Michael A. Verdicchio

Making the decision to be self employed can be a big change. But self employed Christians should be very successful. God is on your side. You can make the change!

In making a change, at first, there is recognition of the need to change. Either you realize it, or someone else indicates it to you. But, just recognizing that a change is needed does not change anything.

Like everything else, change starts in your mind first, and that's where the battle will take place. Your mind will object to changes. "No! I don't want to exercise every day. I don't have enough time! What if I overdo it?" The mind objects to leaving the comfortable environment that it is so accustomed to.

The reason that change is difficult for most people is that we all like to be comfortable, and change interrupts our comfortable routine; it interrupts our comfort zone. Even if our comfortable routine is not bringing us the results in life that we really desire, we choose to remain in the routine, instead of making the decision to change.

It doesn't matter whether the changes are little changes or big changes, your mind will always have some objections to it.

Keep in mind these two things whenever you really desire to change something in your life. First, consistently remind yourself of the goal or the reason for the change. For example, say "I'm going to exercise every day so that I can be healthier, have more energy, and live longer," or, "I'm going to spend the time and money to take this course so that I can improve my skills and have more to offer."

You need to keep reminding yourself of the reason why. If you don't, your mind will come back with all kinds of reasons why you don't need to change anything! Your mind will object by telling you that everything is just fine the way it is! But you must take charge of your mind! Make your mind focus on the goal.

And here's the second thing. Be patient. If you're consistent and persistent, the change will come.

If you take a pot of boiling water off the stove and put in four ice cubes, is that water cool enough to drink? No. But if you keep adding ice cubes, over and over, eventually that boiling water will change to ice cold water.

Change takes time. And many times our minds will get impatient during a period of change. There will be thoughts like, "Oh this isn't working, it's just not happening." Or, "I don't see the point in continuing with this." In other words, the mind is suggesting that you ought to quit and go back to where things were nice and comfortable where things were easy and there wasn't so much to do!

When those kind of thoughts pop up, you need to remind yourself of why you have decided to put in this time and effort. In other words, remind yourself of why you desire this change. Remind yourself that change takes time, and that if you're consistent and persistent, you will see the results that you really desire.

And being a self employed Christian you will be faced with a number of changes as you develop your business. But just remember, that change is a part of life. Realizing that makes life exciting! With God's help you can indeed make whatever changes are necessary for success! Don't be afraid of change, embrace it!

The time and effort required for change may vary, but the outcome of reaching the desired destination will far outweigh all the time and effort once you arrive!

Comfort zones are just another resting place on the road of life. They are a place to regroup and expand your foundation. They give you a launching pad for the next exciting adventure of life!

If you're current routine is not bringing you the results that you desire, then it's time to move out of your comfort zone! If it's time for a change in your life! Just remember, God never made a failure. He loves you and His desire for you as a self employed Christian is success in every area of your life!